Totally Fit Life for Men provides a unique approach to fitness through the foundational principles of Fun, Friendship and Fitness. TFL for Men believes fitness has to be “fun” because without it there is little chance for long-term sustainability and success. Totally Fit Life for Men is a community of men working out together in a team environment that leverages the power of Interdependence rather than independence for getting fit. 

Fun: We laugh, play games, and try out new skills. Fun is the main reason people stick with TFL. Classes are structured in a way where there is constant movement and variety. No two classes are ever the same.

Friendship: We develop friendships and encourage one another. Everyone is treated as a valuable contributing member of the team. Men develop friendships in an environment that encourages one another. TFL for Men fosters contagious camaraderie.

Fitness: Cardio, Flexibility, Basketball, Strength Training, Core Conditioning, Indoor Soccer and more.

Each TFL class is build around 4 Physical Fitness principles:

Strength Training 
Core Conditioning 

Each Totally Fit Life for Men class meets three times a week at Granite Bay High School in the basketball gym. Classes have a maximum size of 25 members. Members’ ages range from mid-thirties to mid-sixties. 

3 days a week
$150 a month
2 days a week
$100 a month
$50 a month
1 day a week
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:00am-7:00am 
Saturday (Co-Ed) 6:30am-7:30am 

The workout is led by a trained TFL coach. The exercises are interactive, with team members performing different routines. Most of the time, the workouts follow the same general format. 

Workouts begin with relationship building, which allows the current members to introduce themselves to any new members. This is followed by a warm-up, time to stretch and a cardiovascular period, which could include a variety of routines to elevate heart rate. Then there is weight-lifting and core exercise. The workout normally ends with teams having FUN: basketball, indoor soccer with a Nerf soccer ball and/or broom hockey. 

From time to time, different areas of the body are targeted for more intensive exercise. For example, stretching exercises are sometimes incorporated before or after the cardiovascular routines. Abdominal exercises may be included to strengthen the back, or various leg and buttock routines may be used to build the lower part of the body.
Want to "try a class for free", please contact: 
Don Nava,