"Sustainable Transformation begins with a decision from the will"

Don Nava is a behavior modification Life Fitness Coach with 30 years of experience in coaching and mentoring thousands of executives in business, sports and ministry.

Don Nava's life coaching is intentionally different
than traditional life coach methods. 

Coach Nava is convinced that events during the first 12 years of life play a significant role in our behavior as adults. Initially, Coach's focus will be to identify these core issues that occurred during the formative years. Coach will also explore ancestry lines with parents, grandparents and great grandparents. This deliberate examination into the lineage of the client plays a strategic role in explaining why a person behaves a certain way.

Coach Nava relies on biblical based truths to address childhood and adults issues. These proven principals provide the keys to unlock the strongholds that have bound people for decades.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32.


I live in another state, so how can I work with Coach?
Much of Coach Don's coaching is done with clients who live in other states. Quite often, Coach never meets his clients in person but they stay connected and accountable through daily emails, texts and/or scheduled phone calls. Distance is not a barrier for achieving consistent and sustainable results.

How can I get started with Coach?
If your interesting in being coached by Don Nava, you may email him at: coach@thetotallyfitlife.com. He will contact you to schedule an initial phone call.

How much does it cost?
Fee structure is dependent on the behavior that needs to be eliminated and/or the results that the client would like to achieve. In most cases, Coach will suggest one of the three Executive Programs, (see the Totally Fit Executive section) and/or a combination of; in person or phone coaching sessions; hourly coaching fee: $250.

Totally Fit Life for Executives – One-on-One Coaching
The Totally Fit Life for Executives is a balanced fitness system for professionals where they are coached daily by Life Fitness expert Don Nava. The core of the system and Master Key to long-term “sustainable” success is Daily Accountability. It enables a person to really change their behavior and form new healthy habits. Follow the proven system and achieve results.