Totally Fit Life for Executives – One-on-One Coaching

The Totally Fit Life for Executives is a balanced fitness system for professionals where they are coached daily by Life Fitness expert Don Nava. The core of the system and Master Key to long-term “sustainable” success is Daily Accountability. It enables a person to finally change their behavior and form new healthy habits. Follow the proven system and achieve 'sustainable transformation.​'

Information + Application = Transformation™ 

Coach Nava believes transformation requires a shift in thinking from “WHAT you do” to “HOW and WHY you do it” — from Individual Willpower to Personal Accountability. The Totally Fit Life for Executives program is NOT just about exercise or eating. It’s about the way a person thinks, feels and acts. Coach Nava believes that most physical and nutritional issues do not stem from lack of exercise or eating junk food but from failing to address and make necessary adjustments for a person’s Mental, Emotional, Directional and Spiritual core. From Coach Nava’s perspective, a fully integrated life includes six areas:

1) Physical
2) Nutritional
3) Emotional
4) Mental
5) Directional
6) Spiritual 

The Totally Fit Executive has three programs to choose from:

Executive Program: 
- Daily email accountability to Coach Nava.
Advocacy Lite Program:
- Daily email accountability to Coach Nava
- Scheduled phone coaching calls 1 days a week. 
Advocacy Program:                                                                                                     - Daily email accountability to Coach Nava
- Scheduled phone coaching calls 2 days per week. 
How does the Totally Fit Life System work?

Coach Nava will interview each participant, either in person or over the phone to understand their history, physical limitations and possible past emotional and/or mental hindrances that may have kept them from living a healthy lifestyle. Coach Nava will explain the importance of having written goals and will provide a goal and task sheet to begin the goal setting process. The participant is required to email Coach every day on what they did the previous day in the six areas of the Totally Fit Life. The participant will receive a daily email response back from Coach about the participant’s daily report. 

The TFL System is structured in ten week cycles (70 days). A ten week cycle is long enough for a person to see noticeable changes but not so long that apathy sets in. From a psychological perspective, having a beginning and an established end is very motivating because it allows the participant to stay focused on their goals and not get discouraged because there is no quantifiable end. The minimum exercise requirement is power-walking for 40 minutes. 

The Coach’s responsibilities will include sending daily emails of encouragement and motivation to each participant and making necessary adjustments and corrections to diet, exercise and/or any other elements of The Totally Fit Life System.

Daily Accountability regarding your exercise routine. Customization of routines as pertaining to: Cardio, Strength Training, Flexibility and Core Strengthening.
If you have lost all hope of ever getting back into shape, be encouraged! Coach Nava has successfully trained thousands of executives and top performers yearning to regain their long lost physical prowess. Coach will tailor the fitness program to your personal objectives in correlation with your current fitness level. As you improve, the routines will be adjusted so that you will experience consistent, notable and sustainable progress. Follow the system and Coach will get you there.

Daily Accountability of what you ate and drank the day before.
You already know what to eat or drink, so being nutritionally fit on The Totally Fit Life system is all about what you want to achieve physically. When a person has made the mental and emotional commitment to do Whatever It Takes to achieve their physical goals then it becomes so much easier to make healthy food and drink choices. Coach Nava utilizes the Glycemic Index as the standard for monitoring the intake of Good, Fair and Poor Carbohydrates, and he will work closely with you so that you will make healthy food choices. For people who want to lose body fat, a daily regimen of exercise and eliminating high Glycemic Index foods will assure success.

Daily Accountability of Dictums to transform your thinking. 
A dictum is a positive statement used to reprogram your subconscious mind. Coach Nava will develop and amend dictums to address a participant’s specific need to change any unhealthy thinking pattern and/or to reinforce specific life goals that they want to achieve. A new set of dictums are developed and provided every 10 weeks. 

Daily Accountability to encourage a healthy approach of reaching out to others. 
Emotional issues are often the biggest reason why a person does not take care of their body or is unable to maintain healthy relationships. Many people struggle with excessive weight, low self-esteem or a variety of other emotional issues because of deep childhood wounds. 

Daily Accountability for the member’s Ten Week Goals covering the 10 key areas of a person’s life.
Coach Nava will encourage and inspire you to work consistently towards the accomplishment of meaningful life goals. Today’s decisions and actions will move you closer to or further away from your worthwhile objectives and lifework. Areas covered will include: Spiritual, Marriage, Family, Physical, Ministry, Professional, Nutritional, Emotional, Financial and Mental.

Daily Accountability to proven disciplines that build spiritual muscles 
To live the more abundant life, we need to spend time with God daily. Far too often we allow the minutiae of everyday life to pull us away from having morning devotions. Coach Nava will provide the structure, accountability and content to keep you on task in this vital component for spiritual growth and dependence. Content provided and/or suggested will include a variety of disciplines to deepen and broaden their relationship with Christ. 
The Totally Fit Executive has three programs to choose from:

Executive Program: $1000 month
- Daily email accountability coaching from Coach Nava

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Advocacy Lite Program: $1500 month
- Daily email accountability coaching from Coach Nava
- Scheduled phone coaching call 1 day a week.

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Advocacy Program: $2500 month
- Daily email accountability coaching from Coach Nava
- Scheduled phone coaching calls 2 days per week.

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