In "FIT AFTER 40", Coach Don Nava shares his wealth of knowledge to help you achieve fitness in every area of your life - Physical, Directional, Nutritional, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual - integrating them into a balanced whole to achieve The Totally Fit Life.

In "FIT AFTER 40", you'll discover:

- The Four Hallmarks of Total Fitness

- 5 Big Questions people ask during a midlife crisis and how to find healthy answers

- How Ten-Week Cycles will transform bad habits into lifelong, energizing behavior.

Excerpt from "Fit After 40" by Coach Don Nava

Whichever birthday it is for you, you either have had or will have what I call Your Magical Milestone Birthday . It is the birthday when you say, "I can't believe I'm this age."

There are five major questions that seem to occur with regularity as people cross the threshold of a magical milestone birthday. You may have asked these questions, or perhaps have had a back-of-the-mind notion that you should address them. They need to be addressed if a person is truly going to enjoy a Totally Fit Life.

Will I Ever Feel Young Again?

Is My Life Going to Make A Difference?

Have I Reached the Pinnacle of My Ability?

Is This All The Happiness I Can Ever Have?

What Will Happen After I Die?

Midlife is real. Nobody seems to know the exact age range it should cover, but everybody I know has a sense about when he or she is - or isn't - in the middle of what they perceive to be a normal life span. People seem intuitively to know when they are in their early years, when they are in their later years, and when they are someplace in between. Midlife crises are also real. Again, nobody seems to know exactly when a midlife crisis normally hits. But there's a moment when the light comes on and you say, Yikes, I'm not getting any younger!

Every person can make decisions that have a high probability of producing more energy, vitality, and health in the future.

A person can make decisions that hold the potential for increased fulfillment and purpose.

A person can make choices that result in greater integrity, deeper character, and an even more positive reputation and legacy.

A person can make decisions that promote deeper relationships and more influence for good in any given family, group, community, society, or the world as a whole.

You may not be able to add years to your life, but you most certainly can add life to your years.

There is a tremendous opportunity that awaits you as you cross a magical milestone birthday. Choose to take captive every thought, every word, and every deed that might add life to your years. A great deal of healthy, purposeful, important living can occur after that birthday comes and goes.